Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Relationship Spread

This is a spread you can do to see if you and a significant other will have a good romantic relationship and to see what will happen to the friendship that already exists if you do.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sword of Truth Spread

A great little spread for unveiling the truth of relationships of all kind!

1. Other's view of the relationship
2. Other's behavior in the relationship
3. The relationship
4. Querent's view of the relationship
5. Querent's behavior in the relationship
6. The basis of the relationship
7. What has contributed to the current state of the relationship
8. Advice
9. Possible/probable outcome

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flowing Chi Meditation Technique

This is a great meditation to help increase and strengthen your Qi energy, your life force! This meditation aids the body in self healing.
This is a great meditation method to use when you go to bed and are just about to fall asleep.

Meditation Technique:

  • Start by lying in a comfortable position either on your back or on your side.
  • Keep your back straight and allow your awareness to travel up your spine, being aware of one vertebrae at a time.
  • Try to relax and release tension in your body.
  • Allow your awareness to scan up and down your body releasing any tension.
  • Start to become aware of your breath
  • Breath in and out through your nose very gently, allowing your breath to become smooth and even.
  • Relax your mind.
  • As you breath in your abdomen expands and as you let breath out it contracts.
  • Observe the flow of Qi to the Dan Tian (energy center at your lower abdomen, just below the navel)
  • Take you time to relax and breath and feel.
  • Now with each out breath consciously allow your Qi to disperse from the Dan Tian to your entire body.
  • Through every cell follow the Qi
  • Relax and feel
  • Now with each out breath allow your Qi to flow outwards even further beyond your sheets.
  • The Qi is expanding, imagine it spiraling out like a galaxy, expanding from your Dan Tian.
  • In all directions
  • Follow the Qi
  • Relax and feel
  • Allow your Qi to disperse further towards the horizon, to the mountains, up into the clouds, above the earth in all directions.
  • As you merge with the universe
  • Returning to nothingness.....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Uncertainty Spread

Great Tarot spread to gain some clarity for an issue that has been going around and around in circles in your mind.

This great spread comes from archertarot.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the queen of money. You can tell by the way this queen is cradling the pentacle that she gives it a lot of importance and nurturing. This Queen represents abundance in financial matters and fertility in earthly matters, lots of flowers and lush green settings surround her, you can see this is a very privileged person.

  • Goat: Symbol of Capricorn
  • Setting around the Queen: Natural, field, shows that it is someone grounded, earthy.
  • Rabbit: Fertility and abundance. A grounding symbol, close to earth.

Like the King of Pentacles, The Queen of Pentacles represents someone with a dark, olive skin complexion, dark hair and eyes. This person is concerned with money, business, finance, the material and organizing. The Queen of Pentacles is a good administrator, they can bring lots of details together and make things work.

This Queen is a solid person, someone who is reliable in a crisis, someone very honest. Although these people tend to be materialistic and ambitious we need them to organise and create structure so that artistic types can do their thing.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the King of earth, money and finance. If you have a look at this king you can see that he is extremely comfortable with his luxurious and elaborate clothes, his castle in the background - this is all suggestive of a lovely lifestyle with more than enough cash.

Bull: rules money, homage to money.
Grapes: fertility, abundance, blessing.

In a reading the King of Pentacles in physical appearance represents someone with a strong look, high cheek bones and sensuous lips. Someone with dark olive skin, dark hair and brown eyes.

This is a person who displays earthy qualities, a hard working person who desires to be the king of money, this person is very ambitious, methodical and ordant. Look at this kings gaze, he is looking intently at the pentacle, the means by which he can have anything he wants in life.

This card represents a business man, someone who is involved int he organization of money, like an accountant or manager perhaps in a finance or corporate field, probably not an entrepreneur, that would be more indicative of a wands person. Could be a doctor or a dentist if they are more likely to treat what they do as a business.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles in about the Earth, organization, the material, money and energy in it's raw state. The practical organization of life and the way in which you live in a practical sense.

Pentacles deal with financial and material issues, they depict money itself and how you go about the business of making money. The ace is the complete fulfillment of this suit. It is your best potential in money matters and a very favorable card to see in readings regarding financial issues.

In the Ace of Pentacles we find the hand of God offering us an element (a Pentacle - gold coin, protection magic) in a very non threatening earthy scene. A nice garden with an archway leading us somewhere nice. The archway is a way through to another life.

In readings the Ace of Pentacles represents a big amount of money. It can mean a promise of future money and wealth. It could be the sale of a house or a bonus or promotion at work. It depicts financial prosperity and security. You won't want on a material level.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Moon - 18

The Moon represents our deep subconscious feelings. This card is hard to understand on a conscious level but your subconscious will take this and stimulate your imagination and intuition to help release fears and unresolved traumatic emotions. We are trying to rebuild our emotional and inner framework by closely examining the deep rooted creatures (beliefs) held within.

  • Crayfish: you renewed spirit trying to leave a pool of negative thought.
  • Path: Spiritual enlightenment, the crayfish (your spirit) is entering this path.
  • Wolf: Wild and untamed nature.
  • Domestincated Dog: Your controlled and civilized nature. The crayfish must pass through both dogs without succumbing to either nature. It is about finding a balance between both the wild and civilized nature.
  • Towers: Gateway to higher spiritual attainment.
  • Moon: Calls out to our subconscious images to help us learn important lessons.

In a question of timing The Moon can represent 1 month.

Have a look at what factors are influencing your life.This card can represent your fears, no matter how hard or painful some situations may be it is still difficult to leave what one knows and start afresh. When this card appears in a reading it relates to a fear the Querent has.

The Moon card can also indicate deceit and deception. Also look out for uncertainty and illusion. Moonlight casts a different light on things and makes things appear somewhat different to what they are really like in full daylight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Star - 17

In The Star we carry on from the destruction of the Tower rebuilding after everything that has been ripped apart has been gathered together, now you have a chance to see what you want. Re-visioning and putting together a new dream.

  • Pouring back into earth and water: filling the conscious and the subconscious.
  • Woman in card: Your intellectual subconscious.
  • The pool of water: Collective Unconscious or Universal Subconscious.
  • 5 Streams: The five senses going through the land (your body and personality)
  • Tree in background: Your nervous system.
  • Seven stars: Your Chakras in full health.
  • Big Star: Your brain.

This is a card that can be read in a positive light in readings, it is saying that you will get what you want, what you are wishing for. It is a soft card that brings with it a promise for tomorrow. The star card is a very spiritual card about peace, harmony, healing and meditation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Tower - 16

In the Tower the lighting strike hitting the Tower is the first flash of light that signals our return to the light. The lovers thought they could live in the Tower safely and untouched but an act of God has flung them out. The Tower connotes conflict, upset and chaos, something unforeseen that you have no control over.

Change in life usually occurs gradually so we become accustomed to things, but The Tower depicts a sudden change that was unaccounted for that may be not so pleasant. Most of us go about life building up our egos (represented by the Tower) and clinging onto things that may no longer be of need to us. This sudden change is a way the Universe can shake us up, wake us up from that zombie like state.

  • The Crown: The pinnacle.
  • 22 Petals: Represent the Major Arcana, although you have been flung out of your tower and thrown into an unknown situation, this reminds you that you have the tools available at your disposal to get you through the situation.
  • Lightning: Flash of inspiration, the enlightenment you need to get you out of the delusion your experienced in The Devil.
  • Falling: Represents the idea of absolute loss of control.
  • Fire: it is usually aggressive and obliterates the landscape. This can be a symbol of how drastic the change may be.

The Tower can appear in a reading to represent a traumatic shift you have recently undertaken. it is a signal to take heed of the lessons learned here. If this card appears in a future reading then maybe it is time to examine your life more closely and see what things are there that are perhaps no longer of use to you.

The Devil - 15

In the devil we start our journey back to the light. In the Devil card there is no light, we see our egos reflected in the Devil, the ego is dominating and the power of the ego can confuse people.

  • No light: The black background is a symbol of a lack of love.
  • Upside down pentacle: The pentacle generally sends energy to the heavens but upside down it is sending energy down demonstrating a total disregard for spiritual and moral laws.
  • The Devil: A representation of the beast we become when we fall prey to our negative subconscious desires both sexual and physical. We need to use our minds to resist our addictions and destructive sexual patterns in order to move closer to our spiritual goals.
  • Chains around neck: These chains could easily be lifted and these people could move away from the Devil's domination. This means that if we are chained to such things it is of our own free will and it is up to us to leave this way of being behind and we can leave at any moment.

The Devil card is about addiction, dependency, materialism, hopelessness and an inability to see anything beyond this realm. The Devil is testing you to find your own inner light, inner truth. Each and everyone of us has a dark shadow side and a light radiant side. It is time to acknowledge the shadow side and release your fears by controlling the urges and achieving a balance can we be released from the Devil.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Death - 13

Death represents the concept that everything and everyone has to bow down to an ending of some kind so that the sun can come up and new things can begin. This card is about transformation and taking away what is no longer needed in your life.
Letting go in life and allowing the death of old concepts, ideas, habits, beliefs and relationships.

The appearance of the Death card in readings especially in reference to the future can be very foreboding. But this card is really a reflection of an important and significant ending in a stage, relationship or any other aspect of someone's life that initiates a fundamental change. It is the closing of a chapter to begin a new one. Death is inevitable and will occur to every organism that has taken breath. So it means that a part of your life will be met with an inescapable change and all you can do is ride it out.

The Hanged Man - 12

The Hanged Man is surrendering his body to the Universal flow. The is no expectations with this card. Actions and expectations have been surrendered.
This card can stand for going against the things that are meant to validate us in society. Going against the grain, either in an internal manner or externally (making a statement). The fact that he is reversed indicates seeing things from a different perspective.

The Hanged Man can indicate suspended action, waiting to see, letting things flow naturally.

The Hanged Man could indicate a sacrifice, having to give something up that no longer serves you.
It could be an indication that you have out your truth, however whatever that is goes against what is expected.

Justice - 11

The Justice card reflects just rewards for good or ill according to what you have created, you get what you deserve. It is a very levelling and balancing card. The Justice card represent the universal force; Karmic Law of cause and effect always presents in our lives whether we are aware of it or not. Justice is about accountability, exposing the truth.

  • Sword: of discrimination, Lady Justice uses this to cut away at negative thoughts one may have, which hinder health.
  • Scales:Returns proper balance to the body.
  • Crown: Symbol of authority.

Represents the justice system (police, lawyers, law). Could be about legal matters, court case, legal documents.
Being honest with oneself.
Justice may appear to us when we know that there is something that we should be doing but we are ignoring it. The voice of our consciousness telling us to do the right thing.

Wheel of Fortune - 10

The Wheel of Fortune represents the way that life is; sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. You sow what you reap and the laws of Karma are always present. It represent how everything is always changing, our lives are in constant movement and change.

  • The wheel and the text: Evolution. read around the wheel and we have Tarot (body of knowledge in 22 cards), Tora (Hebrew book of spiritual laws) and Rota (wheel, rotation, life moving around in constant state of evolution).
  • The Alchemical Glyphs: Sulfar (right, creates, birth), Salt (left preserves form, maturation), Mercury (above, modifies established form, transformation) and water (below, dissolves form, death).
  • Golden Snake: Wisdom, Involution, downward spiral.
  • Sword: Justice.
  • Sphinx: Higher self. Guide and mentor watching you turn through the cycle of life ans assisting you in your spiritual growth.
  • Anubis: Egyptian Guide of The Underworld, represents evolution.
  • Archangels: In the four corners, guardians of the four corners of the universe.

The Wheel of Fortune could signify a turn for the better. Could signal a timing issue - good fortune will come but it has its own timing.
All the symbolism in this card is coming together to test the Soul.
On a mundane level it can indicate Gambling.

The Hermit - 9

With The Hermit you are now left on your own in a desolate place to seek your inner light. You need to turn inwards in order to work out what you need and be guided by your own inner light. Letting go of the broader picture and going on the journey ahead of you taking things on one step at a time.

The Hermit: a solitary, isolated being who prefers a private existence away from the materialistic specialities of life.
Lantern: Intended for seekers who are still climbing the mountain below him. A guidance to others.
Grey Robe: Resolved life's polar opposites (always depicted as white (positive) and black (negative) throughout the tarot.
Yellow Staff: Intellect and higher knowledge.

This card could represent a part of your journey that you have to take on your own.
The Hermit can represent teaching and study with a time of introspection and turning inwards.
Can represent loneliness.

Strength - 8

A maiden (female magician) has made friends with the Lion (who represents animal instincts, nature, rage, jealousy and wanting to dominate) and can use it at her will.
The Strength card represent the concept of inner strength and using your emotions without having them overwhelm you. A test of anger and rage by finding our inner strength to control ourselves and our deep emotions.
Strength conveys the message to not give up, to have faith and optimism and to keep at something as you will persevere and win in the end. Remember that Strength requires balance.

  • Woman wearing white: Purity, Representing the future of your subconscious mind as it purifies through the control of desires and passions.
  • Lion: Newly transformed self stripped of animal instincts and desires.
  • Infinity sign: Perfected state of being.


There is a physical nature to this card. it could signify a relationship of a sexual nature, with not much else there but sexual attraction.
This card can be a warning to pull back, reign in your emotions in a certain situation. For example; not let anger override your emotions in a friendship where you might tell the other person off and change the relationship forever.

The Chariot - 7

With The Chariot we find that now that we are whole we can move forward. The two Sphinx's represent our two sides, the light and the dark side. Now that we are able to understand the two sides we can move forward.

The Chariot
is about Triumph, finding the right balance even if its our own will doing it (you cannot see what is propelling The Chariot forward, our own will power perhaps).


Sphinx: Light and dark side.
Masonic Symbol: Matter
Moon: Understands emotions.

The Chariot is a positive card in readings meaning that the time to act is now as everything is in the right balance. It is about victory and triumph.
In more mundane sense it could literally signify a car.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Lovers - 6

In The Lovers card we find the marriage of the male and the female sides of our soul. The figure of the man represents our conscious, rational mind, he turns to look at the woman who represents our subconscious who connects with the angel to find out god within. You cannot find God with the rational conscious mind, it is something much deeper. This card is about finding your other self.

The Lovers card represents a symbol of choice, love and marriage. It could be the representation of the masculine and feminine side of one person.

Sun behind the angel: represents God, much like the sun in the Fool card.
Burning bush behind the man: the subconscious.

In personal matters relating to love and relationships, the Lovers card can mean that there may be a choice to be made, possibly between lovers within a romantic or emotional relationship. It can mean that a choice has to be made for either path way, no sitting on the fence here.

It could signify two people coming together to form a relationship or in business some type of merger (again two t hings coming together).

Temperance -14

Temperance is the blending of the conscious and subconscious mind. Blending everything you have learnt together in some context, i.e; art, mixing the conscious and subconscious together in an artistic way.
Temperance asks us to recognise the flow in our lives and to realise that is the source of power.

  • One foot in the water, one on the earth: Foot in water is our concious mind dipping into the subconscious and the foot on earth is our subconscious mind delving into consiousness, a grounding experinece.
  • Masonic square and triangle symbol: The square represents matter/life and the triangle creativity. Creativity in matter.
  • Cups: The concept of finding the right balance, mix and flow is conveyed through the water flowing through the cups.

Connect to your creativity (through art, music, writing etc). Finding balance, emotions, things flowing together. Putting yourself back together. Having patience and letting things take as long as they take. When surrounded by extreme cards such as knights this card may be a sign to try to find a more neutral middle ground approach to things.

This card could indicate that healing is taking place or is in need in our lives. Healing starts to happen at all levels in our lives when we exercise moderation and connect with our natural flow.

In regards to relationships, the appearance of the Temperance card indicates harmony and stability.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Hierophant - 5

The Hierophant interprets spiritual laws and gives rules on how to conduct life. Establishing rules of convention.
The Hierophant is not involved in life completely, he is working for the benefit of society. He is detached, much like an outside consultant that comes into the workplace to study it and then provide a better structure.
Gaining access to spirituality through a system. Having true faith.

  • Keys: The keys to the kingdom of heaven.
  • Hand: the hand is held out in a sign of benediction. The hand points towards the heavens in a form of a blessing and a spiritual benediction.
  • Triple crown: Three levels of awareness; body, mind and spirit.
  • Triple Cross: Reflects the holy trinity, another sign of authority and supreme status.

Can represent a marriage.
The Hierophant can represent someone with a spiritual nature in search for a higher truth. It can be about listening to your inner being, your intuition.

The Emperor - 4

We find The Emperor sitting in a confronting manner on a throne made out of stone with armour on. Contrast this rigidity and structure to the flowing and relaxing nature of The Empress, here we have masculinity practicality and strategy. With The Emperor we have made something out of what nature has provided us with in The Empress. He is about order and control and she is about abundance and sensuality.

  • Ram head: Sign of Aries. Signifies action, initiative, leadership and determination.
  • Beard: symbol of wisdom and experience.
  • Staff with circle and cross bar: sign of Venus

The Emperor can be about assuming responsibility in the world. Accepting your position in society and in life. He is a master of his own making and when he comes up in a reading he reminds us that our own motivation and inner strength makes us a leader.

The Emperor can represent your father, father figure, a boss or an authority figure in your life.

The Empress - 3

The Empress is an earthly figure who symbolizes mother nature. The scenery around The Empress is very lush, there is food and sun and greenery around her showing you that you have everything you need to sustain yourself and reminding us that there is enough for everyone to share in. She offers you the gifts of the earth which mother nature provides.

The Empress is relaxed and flowing, especially when contrasted with The Emperor who is about structure.

Waterfall: a sign of motion, emotions and abundance. The Empress can open up her intuitive abilities and abundance flows easily through her.
Wheat: A symbol of nourishment.


The Empress stands for nurturing in nature, the strong and empowered feminine. The Empress represents a strong woman in power; a mother, wife, boss - someone who has authority and power.

In readings this card also has a strong connection with motherhood and fertility, it can be a good omen if you are looking to conceive, it can be a sign to focus on your role as a mother or on your relationship with your mother.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The High Priestess - 2

The High Priestess is the feminine spiritual archetype. Being reflective, and searching for the hidden knowledge inside of us that is hard to find. The knowledge is hidden implying protection. The card of The High Priestess is there to spirituality protect us. This card is saying to trust your intuition for the answer.


  • Crescent Moon: The feminine influence that balances the male force of the Magician.
  • The two pillars, Boaz and Jachim: One represents eternity and power and the other mercy. Need to work your way through both for enlightenment.
  • The veil: Only those initiated into the higher arts may enter.
  • The pomegranates: sacred to Persephone, deep states of spiritual consciousness, working your way up the tree of life.
  • The Tora: rolled up on her lap indicating internal knowledge and inner spirituality.
  • The cross on her breast: symbol of balance between female and male.
  • Triple Crown: symbol of triple goddess, the crown of Isis.
  • Blue Robe: connotes knowledge.
The High Priestess is asking you to examine your situation at a deeper internal level, looking beyond what is obvious and the superficial. It is time to pay attention to and trust your intuitive self.

The Magician - 1

We find the magician as the first card in the spiritual archetype. The intention of the magician is that he is like a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, between heaven and earth, a bridge bringing light down, flowing through him into the earth. You can see this in his stance with one hand holding a rod pointing upwards and the other hand pointing towards the earth.

  • Infinity Symbol: Infinite return to life, wisdom, abundance.
  • Snake Belt: A serpent eating its own tail - Wisdom.
  • Table: A depiction of the minor arcana can be seen on the table. Sword - thinking, Wand - action / doing, Cups - emotions/feelings, Pentacle - practicality/organisation.
The magician has all the tools that he needs in front of him (the minor arcana) to go through life, this can mean your resources, talents and skills, all he needs to do is direct his will. Stop holding back, use the resources within you and available to you to reach your full potential.

In a reading the Magician Card can be read as: you can assume control of your life, just decide on a combination of the skills you have at hand to put things together in a positive way. Use your will power to drive you. The Magician is very active in what he is doing.

The Magician could mean healing; someone interested in healing, a healer, going to see someone medical.

The Major Arcana

First Row:
Card 0 - The Fool
The Fool, a new soul about to embark on the journey of life.

Second Row:
Cards 1 - 7
Archetypes: Spiritual and Physical, the establishment phase.

Third Row:
Cards 8 - 14
Archetypes: The tests that we undergo in life, the testing phase.

Forth Row:
Cards 15 - 21
Archetypes: Turning back to the light. Return to light phase.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Fool - 0

The Fool is card 0. The first card we encounter that initiates us into our journey through the major arcana. The Fool is the pure divine spirit come down from the divine realm of God (presented in the sun) to seek out earthly experience and learn how to manage human emotion.

In the Fool card we can see ourselves as newborns. A new soul that has just come into the world. The Fool is happy and innocent and as he walks forward he is quite unaware that he is about to fall off a cliff. This connotes taking a risk, when we step into life we are taking a risk.

The Fool is our consciousness descending into the world, completely unaware, it enters to start the cycle of life through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.

  • The Fool: A young person on the brink of life.
  • Little Pack: has everything he need to assist him on his journey through life.
  • White rose: pure unconditional love, purity and beauty.
  • Red feather: symbol of innocence and passion (can be seen in the Death card and The Sun)
  • Sun: the eye of God. The Fool can trust completely what is behind him. God is always there, always watching and forever present in his travels.
  • Little dog: Representing the animal kingdom in its entirety that is on our journey with us. But they also have their own path. The little white dog is a faithful companion on our life journey.

In a reading:

When the card of the Fool appears in a reading it can be usually read in a positive light(unless it is surrounded by negative cards). It could be a message that now is the time to do it, to take a risk, to step into the unknown.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ace of Swords

Key Words for the Ace of Swords:

  • Focus
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Force
  • Clarity
  • Vision
  • Assertive
  • Reason
  • Insight
  • Intensity
Meaning of The Ace of Swords:
  • The Ace of Swords is about intellectual revelation and empowerment. This card depicts a clear message of solidarity, it is time to return to the truth of ourselves and renew our belief in our own ideas and decisions. Time to speak your truth!
  • This card is about seeing the way forward (especially where communication is concerned). Each of us has our own truth that we perceive through the illusion of life. This card is a message to speak ones truth honestly. For example; this care in a friendship spread could be a message to speak the honest truth to a friend. This is a big risk as it could change things between you permanently, however it is essential to the progress of the friendship that you do it. We speak our mind and others are very clear on where we stand. Things are approached in an objective manner.
  • The Ace of Swords is about uncovering a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing things. It is time to get rid of old thought patterns to pave the way for a new perspective. This care shouts out: stop fooling and deluding yourself, look inside you at the core of the matter.
  • The sword is bright, shiny and unwavering and it commands one to be fully honest. The sword is double-edged so make sure you don't cut yourself in the process, approach everything from a practical and honest place and you will receive what you desire.
  • Mental reasoning and understanding reach their peak with this card as the achievement of goals suddenly become clearer. You can reach your inner truth and cut away at past bonds holding you back. This way you can return to the truth of yourself and have a renewed belief in your own ideas, decisions and choices. When this happens other people cannot thwart your progress or ideas.
  • The negative side of this card can connote chronic objectivity, being manipulative and using the mind as a weapon - again be aware of the double edged sword and act with integrity.

The Ace of Swords Reversed:

  • With the reversed Ace of Sword we have the cloud above the hand clouding our mind, this can signal a chaos of the mind and an inability to see things clearly; with that you get lack of common sense, quarreling, irrational behaviour, over-emotionality and subjectivity about others surronding you or the current situation. Be aware of using too much power to gain an end.
  • This card reversed can signal dishonesty and to discern true malicious intent from a mere white lie have a look for surrounding cards like, The Devil reversed, the King of Swords Reversed and the Page of Swords.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ace of Cups

Keywords for the Ace of Cups:
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Intuition
  • Intimacy
  • Believe
  • Emotional Force
  • Peace
  • Harmony
  • Patience
  • Faith
  • Spiritual

Meaning of The Ace of Cups:
  • Depiction of spirituality and love in its purest form.
  • Your "emotional" acceptance is needed before any project can develop and flourish. LOVE gives your life meaning
  • This card depicts a hand holding out an overflowing cup. this represents the creative imagination needed to dream up new ideas.
  • The Ace of cups represents the initial flow of emotional awareness that has been planted in your life that you may or may not be aware of.
  • The Ace of Cups is a very powerful card. It can mean that the querent should start new projects from a place of love and the results will be blessed. It may be an indication that new sparks of passion are being lit in your life.
  • The presence of this card in a layout can signify a time in your life when you feel fulfilled and emotionally connected to life through your relationships, personal projects, work and creativity.
  • Regarding relationships: indication of a rewarding connection to another person - the start of a new love or a new relationship, or a new perspective /new stage in an existing relationship. It is important to remember that the Ace of Cups indicates the potential for a relationship to develop into true love or a great relationship. It is not demonstrative of the end result. Like all aces it is a seed. it is not just indicative of romantic love, it can be about any type of relationship with others.
Ace of Cups could Signify:
  • The beginning of a new relationship. Could be a proposal of marriage or love. One person offering themselves to another. Could indicate a person offering themselves to the world through their energy and or talents.
  • Sign of renewal, starting over - look at the surrounding cards for clarification
  • a premonition of blessing - if we start our endeavours from a place of love, peace and compassion, there is no end to the blessings and beauty that can flow into our lives.
  • Signals spiritual understanding, a connection to your inner voice that can guide you, without censoring any feelings.
  • The opening of the heart chakra, the genital or solar plexus chakras.
  • Practically speaking the ace of cups can show that an individual is open and receptive to loving emotions and has a caring nature.
  • The cup is a symbol of receptivity and love.
  • The open hand - symbol of a divine gift that is coming towards you - a blessing.
  • The white dove - symbol the purity of the gift.
  • The pond - symbol of the unconscious mind.
  • The five waterfalls - symbolizes the five senses; they nourish the lilies on the pond which symbolize the development of our inner emotions.

The Ace of Cups Reversed:

  • A reversed Ace of Cups could mean love lost and a feeling of despair in your heart.
  • Not feeling worthy of receiving the love that is coming to you.
  • A period of emotional hunger.
  • Lack of fulfillment when pursuing a particular goal. Lack of inner trust.
  • Emotions have been damaged, - that the heart chakra is blocked and that person has difficulties connecting to other people.
  • Unable to feel, feeling numb - A broken heart.
  • Someone who is heart broken due to infidelity
  • People who remain in a loveless relationship.

The Ace of Wands

Key Words for the Ace of Wands:

  • Passion
  • Direction
  • Concentration of will
  • Ignition
  • Gut Instinct
  • Fertility
  • Conception
  • Expansion
  • Initiation
  • Aspiration
  • Creativity
  • Energizing
  • Resourcefulness

Meaning of The Ace of Wands:

This card is all about passion and energy. If you pull this card in a reading are in for an amazing adventure. This card marks the beginning of a new adventure - especially anything that involves creativity. This card signifies action - doing something physical to realise your goals. The ace can also note that in your rush to see rewards you may ignore the planning stage.

The ace of wands can serve as a reminder to use the creative control we have in our lives. Looking at the card note the hand holding out the wand as symbolizing our passion. This indicates our ability to control our desire and allow the passion to ignite us to reach our goals. This card deals with creative insight. A new creative opportunity is in the works. Take the first steps using your creative energy. Use your gut instinct. a time of passion is beginning. Be original, use creative potential.

This card is a bright one in a tarot spread, one that holds the promise of the building of positive energy, motion and direction into something wonderful.

The Ace of wands sizzles with energy, it seems to have a fire behind it, a driving force, the fire of life. The wands represent will. It makes us do things. Wands are about motivation as they deal with our ambitions and our concept about ourselves. Therefore when you see this ace we can assume that essentially what is being talked about is an act of will.

Ace of Wands Could Signify:
  • New career or new business venture, look at surrounding cards to confirm this.
  • Could signify a birth in the family or pregnancy -look for other 'baby' cards like the Princess/Page of Cups, or the Ace or 3 of Cups.
  • A new phase in life - look at surrounding cards to see areas most affected by new force.
  • Opportunities -creative or work related.
  • Great sexual energy
  • The love of living
  • The beginning of a new concept, business, enterprise or relationship.
  • A new idea, inspiration with a burst of energy.
  • A very raw energy, potent and powerful yet very headstrong and reckless. If a new project it could also signal rushing headfirst, missing planning stage in order to see rewards, getting carried away and not considering things thoroughly.


  • Hidden things, ambiguity and mystery. The hand emerging from the clouds indicate a hidden idea in our minds coming out into the clear light of day.
  • can indicate underlying beliefs that may hold us back.
  • the hand appearing from the cloud represents the inspiration of the unconscious.
  • Challenges, accomplishments, aspirations
  • We climb mountains, each step brings us closer to the peak. the peak (highest point) can be associated with a goal that we desire to reach. the mountain id rigid and unbending, a reminder that we cannot change the mountain, only how we react to the challenge in order to overcome it. But there is the great hope that is we persevere through we shall reach the peak ( goal, aspiration) as the peak will always be there.
The Castle:

In the background can represent civilization.

Reversed - Ill Dignified


  • Too much - too soon
  • Greed
  • Impotence- unable to act decisively.
  • More direction needed
  • Sterility
When the Ace of Wands is reversed in may be that the querent should be getting excited about a new ambition or prospect but does not feel it.

This card reversed could also signal conflict and could be trying to convey that it may be time to handle and control your emotions instead of letting your desires control you.

This card reversed could be an indication that you are stuck in a runt, maybe creatively blocked, can't get started on something.

This could highlight the need to complete outstanding projects before starting new ones.

The Aces

Keywords that describe Aces:
  • Focus
  • Beginnings
  • Energy
  • Initiation
  • Opportunity
  • Clean Break

The Meaning of Aces
  • The aces are situated at the beginning of each suit. Their role within the deck is to introduce the feel and passion of each suit.
  • Aces are prime root of the suit they describe.
  • Reflect the highest, brightest energy of the theme of their suit.
  • Aces are at the start of every pack, they set the tone, mood and symbolism for their suit.
  • Aces are seeds. they need to be cultivated. Seeing an ace in a spread indicates that something new has begun, will begin or is beginning. But right now it is just a seed and like a seed planted in the earth you may not see it grow for a while. This seed may also be planted in your subconscious. It could indicate something known or unknown as yet. then to the seed well and it will grow and flourish, if ignored it may not grow at all.
  • Ace is number one. On can mean: beginning, root, birth, seed, impulse, conception, intention, primary, source.

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