Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ace of Swords

Key Words for the Ace of Swords:

  • Focus
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Force
  • Clarity
  • Vision
  • Assertive
  • Reason
  • Insight
  • Intensity
Meaning of The Ace of Swords:
  • The Ace of Swords is about intellectual revelation and empowerment. This card depicts a clear message of solidarity, it is time to return to the truth of ourselves and renew our belief in our own ideas and decisions. Time to speak your truth!
  • This card is about seeing the way forward (especially where communication is concerned). Each of us has our own truth that we perceive through the illusion of life. This card is a message to speak ones truth honestly. For example; this care in a friendship spread could be a message to speak the honest truth to a friend. This is a big risk as it could change things between you permanently, however it is essential to the progress of the friendship that you do it. We speak our mind and others are very clear on where we stand. Things are approached in an objective manner.
  • The Ace of Swords is about uncovering a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing things. It is time to get rid of old thought patterns to pave the way for a new perspective. This care shouts out: stop fooling and deluding yourself, look inside you at the core of the matter.
  • The sword is bright, shiny and unwavering and it commands one to be fully honest. The sword is double-edged so make sure you don't cut yourself in the process, approach everything from a practical and honest place and you will receive what you desire.
  • Mental reasoning and understanding reach their peak with this card as the achievement of goals suddenly become clearer. You can reach your inner truth and cut away at past bonds holding you back. This way you can return to the truth of yourself and have a renewed belief in your own ideas, decisions and choices. When this happens other people cannot thwart your progress or ideas.
  • The negative side of this card can connote chronic objectivity, being manipulative and using the mind as a weapon - again be aware of the double edged sword and act with integrity.

The Ace of Swords Reversed:

  • With the reversed Ace of Sword we have the cloud above the hand clouding our mind, this can signal a chaos of the mind and an inability to see things clearly; with that you get lack of common sense, quarreling, irrational behaviour, over-emotionality and subjectivity about others surronding you or the current situation. Be aware of using too much power to gain an end.
  • This card reversed can signal dishonesty and to discern true malicious intent from a mere white lie have a look for surrounding cards like, The Devil reversed, the King of Swords Reversed and the Page of Swords.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ace of Cups

Keywords for the Ace of Cups:
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Intuition
  • Intimacy
  • Believe
  • Emotional Force
  • Peace
  • Harmony
  • Patience
  • Faith
  • Spiritual

Meaning of The Ace of Cups:
  • Depiction of spirituality and love in its purest form.
  • Your "emotional" acceptance is needed before any project can develop and flourish. LOVE gives your life meaning
  • This card depicts a hand holding out an overflowing cup. this represents the creative imagination needed to dream up new ideas.
  • The Ace of cups represents the initial flow of emotional awareness that has been planted in your life that you may or may not be aware of.
  • The Ace of Cups is a very powerful card. It can mean that the querent should start new projects from a place of love and the results will be blessed. It may be an indication that new sparks of passion are being lit in your life.
  • The presence of this card in a layout can signify a time in your life when you feel fulfilled and emotionally connected to life through your relationships, personal projects, work and creativity.
  • Regarding relationships: indication of a rewarding connection to another person - the start of a new love or a new relationship, or a new perspective /new stage in an existing relationship. It is important to remember that the Ace of Cups indicates the potential for a relationship to develop into true love or a great relationship. It is not demonstrative of the end result. Like all aces it is a seed. it is not just indicative of romantic love, it can be about any type of relationship with others.
Ace of Cups could Signify:
  • The beginning of a new relationship. Could be a proposal of marriage or love. One person offering themselves to another. Could indicate a person offering themselves to the world through their energy and or talents.
  • Sign of renewal, starting over - look at the surrounding cards for clarification
  • a premonition of blessing - if we start our endeavours from a place of love, peace and compassion, there is no end to the blessings and beauty that can flow into our lives.
  • Signals spiritual understanding, a connection to your inner voice that can guide you, without censoring any feelings.
  • The opening of the heart chakra, the genital or solar plexus chakras.
  • Practically speaking the ace of cups can show that an individual is open and receptive to loving emotions and has a caring nature.
  • The cup is a symbol of receptivity and love.
  • The open hand - symbol of a divine gift that is coming towards you - a blessing.
  • The white dove - symbol the purity of the gift.
  • The pond - symbol of the unconscious mind.
  • The five waterfalls - symbolizes the five senses; they nourish the lilies on the pond which symbolize the development of our inner emotions.

The Ace of Cups Reversed:

  • A reversed Ace of Cups could mean love lost and a feeling of despair in your heart.
  • Not feeling worthy of receiving the love that is coming to you.
  • A period of emotional hunger.
  • Lack of fulfillment when pursuing a particular goal. Lack of inner trust.
  • Emotions have been damaged, - that the heart chakra is blocked and that person has difficulties connecting to other people.
  • Unable to feel, feeling numb - A broken heart.
  • Someone who is heart broken due to infidelity
  • People who remain in a loveless relationship.

The Ace of Wands

Key Words for the Ace of Wands:

  • Passion
  • Direction
  • Concentration of will
  • Ignition
  • Gut Instinct
  • Fertility
  • Conception
  • Expansion
  • Initiation
  • Aspiration
  • Creativity
  • Energizing
  • Resourcefulness

Meaning of The Ace of Wands:

This card is all about passion and energy. If you pull this card in a reading are in for an amazing adventure. This card marks the beginning of a new adventure - especially anything that involves creativity. This card signifies action - doing something physical to realise your goals. The ace can also note that in your rush to see rewards you may ignore the planning stage.

The ace of wands can serve as a reminder to use the creative control we have in our lives. Looking at the card note the hand holding out the wand as symbolizing our passion. This indicates our ability to control our desire and allow the passion to ignite us to reach our goals. This card deals with creative insight. A new creative opportunity is in the works. Take the first steps using your creative energy. Use your gut instinct. a time of passion is beginning. Be original, use creative potential.

This card is a bright one in a tarot spread, one that holds the promise of the building of positive energy, motion and direction into something wonderful.

The Ace of wands sizzles with energy, it seems to have a fire behind it, a driving force, the fire of life. The wands represent will. It makes us do things. Wands are about motivation as they deal with our ambitions and our concept about ourselves. Therefore when you see this ace we can assume that essentially what is being talked about is an act of will.

Ace of Wands Could Signify:
  • New career or new business venture, look at surrounding cards to confirm this.
  • Could signify a birth in the family or pregnancy -look for other 'baby' cards like the Princess/Page of Cups, or the Ace or 3 of Cups.
  • A new phase in life - look at surrounding cards to see areas most affected by new force.
  • Opportunities -creative or work related.
  • Great sexual energy
  • The love of living
  • The beginning of a new concept, business, enterprise or relationship.
  • A new idea, inspiration with a burst of energy.
  • A very raw energy, potent and powerful yet very headstrong and reckless. If a new project it could also signal rushing headfirst, missing planning stage in order to see rewards, getting carried away and not considering things thoroughly.


  • Hidden things, ambiguity and mystery. The hand emerging from the clouds indicate a hidden idea in our minds coming out into the clear light of day.
  • can indicate underlying beliefs that may hold us back.
  • the hand appearing from the cloud represents the inspiration of the unconscious.
  • Challenges, accomplishments, aspirations
  • We climb mountains, each step brings us closer to the peak. the peak (highest point) can be associated with a goal that we desire to reach. the mountain id rigid and unbending, a reminder that we cannot change the mountain, only how we react to the challenge in order to overcome it. But there is the great hope that is we persevere through we shall reach the peak ( goal, aspiration) as the peak will always be there.
The Castle:

In the background can represent civilization.

Reversed - Ill Dignified


  • Too much - too soon
  • Greed
  • Impotence- unable to act decisively.
  • More direction needed
  • Sterility
When the Ace of Wands is reversed in may be that the querent should be getting excited about a new ambition or prospect but does not feel it.

This card reversed could also signal conflict and could be trying to convey that it may be time to handle and control your emotions instead of letting your desires control you.

This card reversed could be an indication that you are stuck in a runt, maybe creatively blocked, can't get started on something.

This could highlight the need to complete outstanding projects before starting new ones.

The Aces

Keywords that describe Aces:
  • Focus
  • Beginnings
  • Energy
  • Initiation
  • Opportunity
  • Clean Break

The Meaning of Aces
  • The aces are situated at the beginning of each suit. Their role within the deck is to introduce the feel and passion of each suit.
  • Aces are prime root of the suit they describe.
  • Reflect the highest, brightest energy of the theme of their suit.
  • Aces are at the start of every pack, they set the tone, mood and symbolism for their suit.
  • Aces are seeds. they need to be cultivated. Seeing an ace in a spread indicates that something new has begun, will begin or is beginning. But right now it is just a seed and like a seed planted in the earth you may not see it grow for a while. This seed may also be planted in your subconscious. It could indicate something known or unknown as yet. then to the seed well and it will grow and flourish, if ignored it may not grow at all.
  • Ace is number one. On can mean: beginning, root, birth, seed, impulse, conception, intention, primary, source.

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