Monday, April 20, 2009

The Aces

Keywords that describe Aces:
  • Focus
  • Beginnings
  • Energy
  • Initiation
  • Opportunity
  • Clean Break

The Meaning of Aces
  • The aces are situated at the beginning of each suit. Their role within the deck is to introduce the feel and passion of each suit.
  • Aces are prime root of the suit they describe.
  • Reflect the highest, brightest energy of the theme of their suit.
  • Aces are at the start of every pack, they set the tone, mood and symbolism for their suit.
  • Aces are seeds. they need to be cultivated. Seeing an ace in a spread indicates that something new has begun, will begin or is beginning. But right now it is just a seed and like a seed planted in the earth you may not see it grow for a while. This seed may also be planted in your subconscious. It could indicate something known or unknown as yet. then to the seed well and it will grow and flourish, if ignored it may not grow at all.
  • Ace is number one. On can mean: beginning, root, birth, seed, impulse, conception, intention, primary, source.

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