Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Devil - 15

In the devil we start our journey back to the light. In the Devil card there is no light, we see our egos reflected in the Devil, the ego is dominating and the power of the ego can confuse people.

  • No light: The black background is a symbol of a lack of love.
  • Upside down pentacle: The pentacle generally sends energy to the heavens but upside down it is sending energy down demonstrating a total disregard for spiritual and moral laws.
  • The Devil: A representation of the beast we become when we fall prey to our negative subconscious desires both sexual and physical. We need to use our minds to resist our addictions and destructive sexual patterns in order to move closer to our spiritual goals.
  • Chains around neck: These chains could easily be lifted and these people could move away from the Devil's domination. This means that if we are chained to such things it is of our own free will and it is up to us to leave this way of being behind and we can leave at any moment.

The Devil card is about addiction, dependency, materialism, hopelessness and an inability to see anything beyond this realm. The Devil is testing you to find your own inner light, inner truth. Each and everyone of us has a dark shadow side and a light radiant side. It is time to acknowledge the shadow side and release your fears by controlling the urges and achieving a balance can we be released from the Devil.

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