Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Emperor - 4

We find The Emperor sitting in a confronting manner on a throne made out of stone with armour on. Contrast this rigidity and structure to the flowing and relaxing nature of The Empress, here we have masculinity practicality and strategy. With The Emperor we have made something out of what nature has provided us with in The Empress. He is about order and control and she is about abundance and sensuality.

  • Ram head: Sign of Aries. Signifies action, initiative, leadership and determination.
  • Beard: symbol of wisdom and experience.
  • Staff with circle and cross bar: sign of Venus

The Emperor can be about assuming responsibility in the world. Accepting your position in society and in life. He is a master of his own making and when he comes up in a reading he reminds us that our own motivation and inner strength makes us a leader.

The Emperor can represent your father, father figure, a boss or an authority figure in your life.

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