Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Empress - 3

The Empress is an earthly figure who symbolizes mother nature. The scenery around The Empress is very lush, there is food and sun and greenery around her showing you that you have everything you need to sustain yourself and reminding us that there is enough for everyone to share in. She offers you the gifts of the earth which mother nature provides.

The Empress is relaxed and flowing, especially when contrasted with The Emperor who is about structure.

Waterfall: a sign of motion, emotions and abundance. The Empress can open up her intuitive abilities and abundance flows easily through her.
Wheat: A symbol of nourishment.


The Empress stands for nurturing in nature, the strong and empowered feminine. The Empress represents a strong woman in power; a mother, wife, boss - someone who has authority and power.

In readings this card also has a strong connection with motherhood and fertility, it can be a good omen if you are looking to conceive, it can be a sign to focus on your role as a mother or on your relationship with your mother.

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