Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flowing Chi Meditation Technique

This is a great meditation to help increase and strengthen your Qi energy, your life force! This meditation aids the body in self healing.
This is a great meditation method to use when you go to bed and are just about to fall asleep.

Meditation Technique:

  • Start by lying in a comfortable position either on your back or on your side.
  • Keep your back straight and allow your awareness to travel up your spine, being aware of one vertebrae at a time.
  • Try to relax and release tension in your body.
  • Allow your awareness to scan up and down your body releasing any tension.
  • Start to become aware of your breath
  • Breath in and out through your nose very gently, allowing your breath to become smooth and even.
  • Relax your mind.
  • As you breath in your abdomen expands and as you let breath out it contracts.
  • Observe the flow of Qi to the Dan Tian (energy center at your lower abdomen, just below the navel)
  • Take you time to relax and breath and feel.
  • Now with each out breath consciously allow your Qi to disperse from the Dan Tian to your entire body.
  • Through every cell follow the Qi
  • Relax and feel
  • Now with each out breath allow your Qi to flow outwards even further beyond your sheets.
  • The Qi is expanding, imagine it spiraling out like a galaxy, expanding from your Dan Tian.
  • In all directions
  • Follow the Qi
  • Relax and feel
  • Allow your Qi to disperse further towards the horizon, to the mountains, up into the clouds, above the earth in all directions.
  • As you merge with the universe
  • Returning to nothingness.....

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