Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Fool - 0

The Fool is card 0. The first card we encounter that initiates us into our journey through the major arcana. The Fool is the pure divine spirit come down from the divine realm of God (presented in the sun) to seek out earthly experience and learn how to manage human emotion.

In the Fool card we can see ourselves as newborns. A new soul that has just come into the world. The Fool is happy and innocent and as he walks forward he is quite unaware that he is about to fall off a cliff. This connotes taking a risk, when we step into life we are taking a risk.

The Fool is our consciousness descending into the world, completely unaware, it enters to start the cycle of life through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.

  • The Fool: A young person on the brink of life.
  • Little Pack: has everything he need to assist him on his journey through life.
  • White rose: pure unconditional love, purity and beauty.
  • Red feather: symbol of innocence and passion (can be seen in the Death card and The Sun)
  • Sun: the eye of God. The Fool can trust completely what is behind him. God is always there, always watching and forever present in his travels.
  • Little dog: Representing the animal kingdom in its entirety that is on our journey with us. But they also have their own path. The little white dog is a faithful companion on our life journey.

In a reading:

When the card of the Fool appears in a reading it can be usually read in a positive light(unless it is surrounded by negative cards). It could be a message that now is the time to do it, to take a risk, to step into the unknown.

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