Monday, May 11, 2009

The Hermit - 9

With The Hermit you are now left on your own in a desolate place to seek your inner light. You need to turn inwards in order to work out what you need and be guided by your own inner light. Letting go of the broader picture and going on the journey ahead of you taking things on one step at a time.

The Hermit: a solitary, isolated being who prefers a private existence away from the materialistic specialities of life.
Lantern: Intended for seekers who are still climbing the mountain below him. A guidance to others.
Grey Robe: Resolved life's polar opposites (always depicted as white (positive) and black (negative) throughout the tarot.
Yellow Staff: Intellect and higher knowledge.

This card could represent a part of your journey that you have to take on your own.
The Hermit can represent teaching and study with a time of introspection and turning inwards.
Can represent loneliness.

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