Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The High Priestess - 2

The High Priestess is the feminine spiritual archetype. Being reflective, and searching for the hidden knowledge inside of us that is hard to find. The knowledge is hidden implying protection. The card of The High Priestess is there to spirituality protect us. This card is saying to trust your intuition for the answer.


  • Crescent Moon: The feminine influence that balances the male force of the Magician.
  • The two pillars, Boaz and Jachim: One represents eternity and power and the other mercy. Need to work your way through both for enlightenment.
  • The veil: Only those initiated into the higher arts may enter.
  • The pomegranates: sacred to Persephone, deep states of spiritual consciousness, working your way up the tree of life.
  • The Tora: rolled up on her lap indicating internal knowledge and inner spirituality.
  • The cross on her breast: symbol of balance between female and male.
  • Triple Crown: symbol of triple goddess, the crown of Isis.
  • Blue Robe: connotes knowledge.
The High Priestess is asking you to examine your situation at a deeper internal level, looking beyond what is obvious and the superficial. It is time to pay attention to and trust your intuitive self.

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