Monday, May 18, 2009

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the King of earth, money and finance. If you have a look at this king you can see that he is extremely comfortable with his luxurious and elaborate clothes, his castle in the background - this is all suggestive of a lovely lifestyle with more than enough cash.

Bull: rules money, homage to money.
Grapes: fertility, abundance, blessing.

In a reading the King of Pentacles in physical appearance represents someone with a strong look, high cheek bones and sensuous lips. Someone with dark olive skin, dark hair and brown eyes.

This is a person who displays earthy qualities, a hard working person who desires to be the king of money, this person is very ambitious, methodical and ordant. Look at this kings gaze, he is looking intently at the pentacle, the means by which he can have anything he wants in life.

This card represents a business man, someone who is involved int he organization of money, like an accountant or manager perhaps in a finance or corporate field, probably not an entrepreneur, that would be more indicative of a wands person. Could be a doctor or a dentist if they are more likely to treat what they do as a business.

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