Friday, May 8, 2009

The Lovers - 6

In The Lovers card we find the marriage of the male and the female sides of our soul. The figure of the man represents our conscious, rational mind, he turns to look at the woman who represents our subconscious who connects with the angel to find out god within. You cannot find God with the rational conscious mind, it is something much deeper. This card is about finding your other self.

The Lovers card represents a symbol of choice, love and marriage. It could be the representation of the masculine and feminine side of one person.

Sun behind the angel: represents God, much like the sun in the Fool card.
Burning bush behind the man: the subconscious.

In personal matters relating to love and relationships, the Lovers card can mean that there may be a choice to be made, possibly between lovers within a romantic or emotional relationship. It can mean that a choice has to be made for either path way, no sitting on the fence here.

It could signify two people coming together to form a relationship or in business some type of merger (again two t hings coming together).

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