Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Magician - 1

We find the magician as the first card in the spiritual archetype. The intention of the magician is that he is like a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, between heaven and earth, a bridge bringing light down, flowing through him into the earth. You can see this in his stance with one hand holding a rod pointing upwards and the other hand pointing towards the earth.

  • Infinity Symbol: Infinite return to life, wisdom, abundance.
  • Snake Belt: A serpent eating its own tail - Wisdom.
  • Table: A depiction of the minor arcana can be seen on the table. Sword - thinking, Wand - action / doing, Cups - emotions/feelings, Pentacle - practicality/organisation.
The magician has all the tools that he needs in front of him (the minor arcana) to go through life, this can mean your resources, talents and skills, all he needs to do is direct his will. Stop holding back, use the resources within you and available to you to reach your full potential.

In a reading the Magician Card can be read as: you can assume control of your life, just decide on a combination of the skills you have at hand to put things together in a positive way. Use your will power to drive you. The Magician is very active in what he is doing.

The Magician could mean healing; someone interested in healing, a healer, going to see someone medical.

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