Friday, May 15, 2009

The Moon - 18

The Moon represents our deep subconscious feelings. This card is hard to understand on a conscious level but your subconscious will take this and stimulate your imagination and intuition to help release fears and unresolved traumatic emotions. We are trying to rebuild our emotional and inner framework by closely examining the deep rooted creatures (beliefs) held within.

  • Crayfish: you renewed spirit trying to leave a pool of negative thought.
  • Path: Spiritual enlightenment, the crayfish (your spirit) is entering this path.
  • Wolf: Wild and untamed nature.
  • Domestincated Dog: Your controlled and civilized nature. The crayfish must pass through both dogs without succumbing to either nature. It is about finding a balance between both the wild and civilized nature.
  • Towers: Gateway to higher spiritual attainment.
  • Moon: Calls out to our subconscious images to help us learn important lessons.

In a question of timing The Moon can represent 1 month.

Have a look at what factors are influencing your life.This card can represent your fears, no matter how hard or painful some situations may be it is still difficult to leave what one knows and start afresh. When this card appears in a reading it relates to a fear the Querent has.

The Moon card can also indicate deceit and deception. Also look out for uncertainty and illusion. Moonlight casts a different light on things and makes things appear somewhat different to what they are really like in full daylight.

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