Monday, May 18, 2009

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the queen of money. You can tell by the way this queen is cradling the pentacle that she gives it a lot of importance and nurturing. This Queen represents abundance in financial matters and fertility in earthly matters, lots of flowers and lush green settings surround her, you can see this is a very privileged person.

  • Goat: Symbol of Capricorn
  • Setting around the Queen: Natural, field, shows that it is someone grounded, earthy.
  • Rabbit: Fertility and abundance. A grounding symbol, close to earth.

Like the King of Pentacles, The Queen of Pentacles represents someone with a dark, olive skin complexion, dark hair and eyes. This person is concerned with money, business, finance, the material and organizing. The Queen of Pentacles is a good administrator, they can bring lots of details together and make things work.

This Queen is a solid person, someone who is reliable in a crisis, someone very honest. Although these people tend to be materialistic and ambitious we need them to organise and create structure so that artistic types can do their thing.

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