Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Star - 17

In The Star we carry on from the destruction of the Tower rebuilding after everything that has been ripped apart has been gathered together, now you have a chance to see what you want. Re-visioning and putting together a new dream.

  • Pouring back into earth and water: filling the conscious and the subconscious.
  • Woman in card: Your intellectual subconscious.
  • The pool of water: Collective Unconscious or Universal Subconscious.
  • 5 Streams: The five senses going through the land (your body and personality)
  • Tree in background: Your nervous system.
  • Seven stars: Your Chakras in full health.
  • Big Star: Your brain.

This is a card that can be read in a positive light in readings, it is saying that you will get what you want, what you are wishing for. It is a soft card that brings with it a promise for tomorrow. The star card is a very spiritual card about peace, harmony, healing and meditation.

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