Monday, May 11, 2009

Strength - 8

A maiden (female magician) has made friends with the Lion (who represents animal instincts, nature, rage, jealousy and wanting to dominate) and can use it at her will.
The Strength card represent the concept of inner strength and using your emotions without having them overwhelm you. A test of anger and rage by finding our inner strength to control ourselves and our deep emotions.
Strength conveys the message to not give up, to have faith and optimism and to keep at something as you will persevere and win in the end. Remember that Strength requires balance.

  • Woman wearing white: Purity, Representing the future of your subconscious mind as it purifies through the control of desires and passions.
  • Lion: Newly transformed self stripped of animal instincts and desires.
  • Infinity sign: Perfected state of being.


There is a physical nature to this card. it could signify a relationship of a sexual nature, with not much else there but sexual attraction.
This card can be a warning to pull back, reign in your emotions in a certain situation. For example; not let anger override your emotions in a friendship where you might tell the other person off and change the relationship forever.

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