Friday, May 8, 2009

Temperance -14

Temperance is the blending of the conscious and subconscious mind. Blending everything you have learnt together in some context, i.e; art, mixing the conscious and subconscious together in an artistic way.
Temperance asks us to recognise the flow in our lives and to realise that is the source of power.

  • One foot in the water, one on the earth: Foot in water is our concious mind dipping into the subconscious and the foot on earth is our subconscious mind delving into consiousness, a grounding experinece.
  • Masonic square and triangle symbol: The square represents matter/life and the triangle creativity. Creativity in matter.
  • Cups: The concept of finding the right balance, mix and flow is conveyed through the water flowing through the cups.

Connect to your creativity (through art, music, writing etc). Finding balance, emotions, things flowing together. Putting yourself back together. Having patience and letting things take as long as they take. When surrounded by extreme cards such as knights this card may be a sign to try to find a more neutral middle ground approach to things.

This card could indicate that healing is taking place or is in need in our lives. Healing starts to happen at all levels in our lives when we exercise moderation and connect with our natural flow.

In regards to relationships, the appearance of the Temperance card indicates harmony and stability.

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