Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Tower - 16

In the Tower the lighting strike hitting the Tower is the first flash of light that signals our return to the light. The lovers thought they could live in the Tower safely and untouched but an act of God has flung them out. The Tower connotes conflict, upset and chaos, something unforeseen that you have no control over.

Change in life usually occurs gradually so we become accustomed to things, but The Tower depicts a sudden change that was unaccounted for that may be not so pleasant. Most of us go about life building up our egos (represented by the Tower) and clinging onto things that may no longer be of need to us. This sudden change is a way the Universe can shake us up, wake us up from that zombie like state.

  • The Crown: The pinnacle.
  • 22 Petals: Represent the Major Arcana, although you have been flung out of your tower and thrown into an unknown situation, this reminds you that you have the tools available at your disposal to get you through the situation.
  • Lightning: Flash of inspiration, the enlightenment you need to get you out of the delusion your experienced in The Devil.
  • Falling: Represents the idea of absolute loss of control.
  • Fire: it is usually aggressive and obliterates the landscape. This can be a symbol of how drastic the change may be.

The Tower can appear in a reading to represent a traumatic shift you have recently undertaken. it is a signal to take heed of the lessons learned here. If this card appears in a future reading then maybe it is time to examine your life more closely and see what things are there that are perhaps no longer of use to you.

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