Monday, May 11, 2009

Wheel of Fortune - 10

The Wheel of Fortune represents the way that life is; sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. You sow what you reap and the laws of Karma are always present. It represent how everything is always changing, our lives are in constant movement and change.

  • The wheel and the text: Evolution. read around the wheel and we have Tarot (body of knowledge in 22 cards), Tora (Hebrew book of spiritual laws) and Rota (wheel, rotation, life moving around in constant state of evolution).
  • The Alchemical Glyphs: Sulfar (right, creates, birth), Salt (left preserves form, maturation), Mercury (above, modifies established form, transformation) and water (below, dissolves form, death).
  • Golden Snake: Wisdom, Involution, downward spiral.
  • Sword: Justice.
  • Sphinx: Higher self. Guide and mentor watching you turn through the cycle of life ans assisting you in your spiritual growth.
  • Anubis: Egyptian Guide of The Underworld, represents evolution.
  • Archangels: In the four corners, guardians of the four corners of the universe.

The Wheel of Fortune could signify a turn for the better. Could signal a timing issue - good fortune will come but it has its own timing.
All the symbolism in this card is coming together to test the Soul.
On a mundane level it can indicate Gambling.

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